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Friday, February 1, 2013

Lullabies: The Benefits of Love Made “Audible”

By: Catherine Pittman © 2007

It is amazing to me how certain childhood memories can bring back vivid moments in time that endure throughout our lifetime. As we become parents, grandparents, uncles or aunts, we strive to create as many magical memories as possible for the children that bless our lives. My mother and father gave me one of the greatest gifts I could have ever asked for: the gift of music.

As a musician of the piano and oboe, my mother believed that music should be part of every child’s life. Her love of classical music filled our house in my early years, and she encouraged each of her daughters to enjoy music through a musical instrument or their voice. My father also encouraged music with his love of musicals and holiday music. It is, perhaps, the very reason why I came to find my “hobby” of writing children’s music and my appreciation for music of all types.

Lullabies can turn bedtime into an enchanted, magical moment, weaving a spell over your child with its beautiful sounds and words. Music has the power to stimulate, motivate and captivate little imaginations, while creating neural pathways in the brain that help determine the learning capacities for your little one’s entire life.

Can lullabies really help soothe your baby?  The answer is a resounding YES. You find music soothing, so why not your baby too?  Science has proven that certain, distinct sounds calm even the fussiest baby: nature, white noise, and music.

Even if your baby isn’t fussy or crying, using music as often as you can, will encourage a calm, peaceful and well-loved feeling. It only takes a few minutes every day to play or sing soft, soothing songs, and before you know it your baby will look forward to hearing music emanating in the nursery at bed and nap time.

There is nothing complicated about introducing your baby to music from day one. You do not need to find that perfect song or certain type of music, nor do you have to have the perfect singing voice! Your baby isn’t your critic; your little one will only think it is the most beautiful sound in the world in which he or she lives!  When you sing, it is your voice that baby finds familiar and soothing, making your baby feel safe, secure and loved is all your baby will feel and hear through the music. You don’t have to sing or play lullabies with vocals. The soft sound of instrumental lullabies is just as soothing. Think of lullabies as your love made “audible.”

There are many benefits associated with introducing and bringing the magic of music into your baby’s nursery:

§  Emotional well-being
§  Accelerates language development
§  Inspires creativity and improvisation
§  Promotes eye-hand coordination
§  Strengthens communication and expression abilities
§  Benefits your child’s development

In addition, music has been proven to improve how we perceive our visual world. Spatial reasoning helps children in the areas of math, engineering and the sciences. Bringing the magic of lullabies into your nursery will lay the groundwork for your child’s healthy intellect. It is also a powerful method of creating an incredibly loving bond between you and your baby.

Music is a very enriching and positive experience, no matter what your age. It transcends language barriers, encourages interaction with others, and can make bedtime into an enchanted time. Those magical moments with beloved melodies will remain permanently engraved in your child’s heart, soul and mind. Lullabies are the simplest of gifts you can give your baby!

About the Author
Catherine is the owner, songwriter and one of the vocal artists for PitterPatter Productions. The company has been producing it original award-winning music for children since 1992, specializing in lullabies for newborns and babies, and music for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners. All of our music albums are available on CD at our website and the songs and albums are available for download, & iTunes under artist Catherine Pittman).

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