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Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Appy-bies" - The Best Baby Apps for Sleepless Parents

By:  Catherine Pittman © 2015
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There is no greater blessing than the birth of a new baby! Whether you and your spouse have already been blessed with a little one or expecting your first child, today's technology provides that extra helping hand parents need to take care of their little angel.

In the new age of technology, parents purchase products and stream lullabies through the power of their digital devices. Now, even your cell phone or iPad has made being a parent simpler than ever before. Hundreds of apps are available for use while traveling or at home-- all designed to make a parent's life easier! You'll find everything from lullabies to the nearest baby-changing venue for when you are out and about.

This article will focus on apps that deal with everyone’s favorite topic: helping baby sleep! While there isn't an app to help your baby sleep through the night or take routinely, scheduled naps, parents will find these apps help you manage getting your little one to sleep!

Baby Snooze
For newborns, there is nothing more relaxing than the sounds they experienced while still in the womb. This app will help your newborn baby feel right at home by reproducing the calming noise of a mother's steady heartbeat, low-frequency "whooshing" heard only while in their mother's womb. (iPhone)

Best Lullaby Collection Free - Best Lullabies for Kids from Around the World
When your baby can't sleep, there is nothing better than the time-proven tradition of lullabies! The lullabies in this free app will sooth your little angel to sleep. Parents can set the time interval or let it sing until baby falls asleep. 16 soothing lullabies, including, (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Lullaby for Babies
Lullabies are an age-old tradition and now it has a new-age twist with the use of apps! This lullaby app offers a pre-set timer, choice of songs that is sure to calm and sooth your little one to sleep. (Android)

Baby Shusher
Every parent has at one time or another, spent hours shushing baby to sleep. If you're one of these parents, then this app is just what the doctor ordered! If your baby’s crying is loud, the “shusher” grows louder, and when baby’s crying grows softer the “shusher” subsides.  It automatically adjusts based on your baby's level of crying, engaging your baby's natural calming reflex. Parents, grandparents and caregivers can even record their own gentle shushing sound! (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android)

This company offers a variety of lullabies, music box sounds, and other free relaxing sounds. Some of their baby apps include: Good Night Lullaby for Baby, Baby Sleep Lullaby Music Box, Lullabies Relax & Slumber, Water Sounds & Nature Sounds, and more. (Android)

Sleepy Sounds
This little app has it all: white noise, lullabies, nature sounds, a calming night-light, and you can record your own music and sounds. (iPhone, Android)

Sleep Pillow Baby
Featured on ABC, CBS, and several radio stations, this little collection of sleep sound suites of four categories includes: Lullabies, Melodies, Nature, Human Sounds and more. (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Baby Sleep Instant
Parents long discovered that low, monotonous sounds, such as a shower, washing machine, ocean sounds, fans and similar sounds are effective for helping babies fall to sleep. This app contains common household sounds, heartbeats, music box sounds, ocean and water sounds and more. Parents can select the sound and set the timer.(Android)

Baby Monitor 3G
While this particular app isn't used to help little ones toddle off to sleep, this app is for use while baby sleeps! While there are several different monitoring apps available, Baby Monitor 3G has unlimited reach, will work on any network, including WIFI, 3G, Edge and CDMA, and works on any IOS device. This App requires two devices: One stationed in your little one's room and the other located with the parent, grandparent, babysitter or nanny. Parents can also talk to their baby from another room by simply pressing a button, snap photos remotely, see live video to check on your little one--parents will hear every noise due to the baby voice booster. Since we all take our phones and typically a laptop or iPad when we travel, it is perfect for visiting family and friends! (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android)

Whatever app you use to help your little angel find restful sleep, we recommend not placing your device too close to your baby. Our last tip: if using your phone, place it on airplane mode to mute any alerts while the app is in use!

About the Author
Catherine is the owner, songwriter and main vocal artist for the family's business, Pitter Patter Productions. The company has been producing its brand of original award-winning music for children since 1992, specializing in lullabies for newborns and babies, and music for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. All of our music is available for download at CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes (under artist Catherine Pittman) and our website.  Catherine also produces The Northwest Happenings Guide, a guide to events and attractions in Oregon and Washington, and available at as well as Amazon.  The 2015 guides are available in both print and e-book formats.

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